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Thanks to the innovation of the sewer line camera, the days of digging up the majority of a yard to find the problem in a sewer line are gone. Hansen Plumbing uses our sewer line camera to locate clogs, root damage, cracks, and other damage to your sewer line, so we can pinpoint where work needs to be done.

Camera Pinpoints Source of Clogged Sewer Line or Damaged Sewer Line

Using a high resolution sewer line camera allows us to do a visual inspection of the inside of your pipes, even though they are underground. The waterproof camera is attached to a flexible rod. Your Hansen Plumbing technician will insert the rod into the pipe, allowing him to see the pipe, any clog, cracks, punctures or other issues.

During the sewer line inspection, the radio transmitters on the camera record the depth and physical location of any clogs or damage to the sewer line. This allows us to diagnose the problem, and pinpoint what section of the pipe needs to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.

We recommend a sewer line inspection if you are having repeated drain backups, multiple slow drains or clogs. And of course, if you have sewage backups or evidence of raw sewage in your yard, the sewer line camera can locate the source of the problem.

If it’s just a clog, we can perform sewer line cleaning right then and there to jet away the clog. If the video shows cracks, punctures, misalignment of the pipe, tree root infiltration or something else, we will determine the best way to address the issue. Our technicians will then tell you what the problem is and discuss sewer line repair or replacement options with you. We will not perform any repairs until you give the go ahead.

We also give free second opinions if another company has given you an estimate that you think is just too high..

Call Hansen Plumbing today at 251-471-5151 to schedule sewer line cleaning, sewer line repair or replacement for your home or business. We are local plumbers serving the greater Mobile AL area, including Saraland, Theodore, Grand Bay and Semmes.