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5 Most Common Causes Of Pipe Leaks

Jun 4, 2022 | Plumbing

The most dreaded problem that homeowners try to avoid is pipe leaks. Leaking pipes cause a host of problems ranging from increased water bills, damage to the structure of the home, and the growth of mold. 

While some leaks are quick to fix, these issues are usually indicative of other larger problems. Read on to understand some of the causes of pipe leaks and what to watch out for in your home. 

Shifting Foundation

A shifting foundation is probably a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It causes instability in the structure of the home and causes the pipes to shift. A shifting foundation is most commonly seen in older homes. Some of its leading causes are: 

  • Excess moisture levels in the soil below the foundation
  • Lack of soil compaction below the foundation
  • Large tree roots growing underneath the foundation
  • Leaking pipes that leaks into the soil, making it expand and increase pressure around the foundation
  • Inadequate drainage and lack of protection for the foundation 

Whatever the cause is, a shifting foundation can pull apart pipes or break them, leading to pipe leaks. The size of the pipe leaks will vary according to the grade of the foundation’s shift. 

Broken Seals

If you see water leaks under toilets, appliances, or dishwasher doors, you may want to check the seals around the water pipes. With time they loosen or break, causing water to get through. The leaks caused by broken seals can cause the material on the floors or water to expand, form bubbles, mold, and other adverse effects. These seals would need to be tightened or replaced, depending on their age and condition.

Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes are a very common problem that result in an eventual pipe leakage. If they are not unclogged in a timely manner, these pipes will overflow and burst. The large gush of water will then flood surrounding areas, cause damage to the structure of the home, and even lead to mold. 

Pipes can get clogged anywhere but the most common places are in the kitchen, bathroom, or outside where the drainage pipes are located. A regular plumbing maintenance check will ensure that your pipes are in good, working order and are clog free. 

Disjointed Pipes

Pipes have joints that connect them to each other to promote continuous water flow. As they age, the joints corrode or weaken. Pipe joints can also be caused by stress which leads to them breaking. You will know that your pipes may be disjointed if you hear a ticking sound when hot water is running. This problem will need to be thoroughly inspected by a skilled plumber and repaired in a timely fashion. 

Fixture Cracks

Sometimes faucet fixtures develop cracks and cause the pipes to leak water. These cracks may be caused by accidental hitting, puncturing, or excessive pressure.This problem may require plumbing repairs such as a fixture replacement, pipe replacement, or sealing of the cracks. Any damages must be assessed by a skilled plumber and repaired quickly. Fixture cracks aren’t always noticed right away and when they are discovered, extensive damage may have already taken place. 

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As a homeowner, you may be asking yourself about how to best avoid pipe leaks. Maybe you’re experiencing a pipe leak in your home and are considering a DIY project to solve this issue! Clearly, pipe leaks can be more extensive than what meets the eye. To mitigate future pipe leaks, it is recommended to have a regular plumbing maintenance inspection to ensure that they are in good shape. Hansen Plumbing offers the best plumbing services in Mobile, Biloxi, Foley, Gulf Shores, and Fairhope. Contact Hansen Plumbing today to schedule your maintenance and repair visit today.